1984 Art Museum "Pallazzo", Liesthal, CH
1985 "Vision", Basel, CH
1986 "For the nature", Basel, CH
1987/89/90/94 Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Basel, CH
1990 Museum of Art Basel with Peter Tschan and Peti Brunner
  Art Award of the Chemischen Fabrik Schweizerhalle AG, Basel, CH
1993 Gallery Elisabeth Kaufmann, Basel, CH
  Museum of Art Basel with Enrique Fontailles and René Pulver, Art Collection of the Art Association of Basel
  Museum Brother Klaus, Sachseln, CH
  Gallery Elisabeth Kaufmann, Basel, CH: "Chamber of miracles"
1996 Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Basel, CH: "The smoulding wick won't be extinguished by him"
1997 Museum of Art Olten, CH: "At the beginning, there was the painting"
1998 Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Basel, CH
2001 Museum of Art Bielefeld, DE: "Unknown hush"
  Church Neustädter Marienkirche Bielefeld, DE: "The song of the earth"
2002 Museum Brother Klaus, Sachseln, CH, Paper Cuts
  Einsiedeln Monastery, Einsiedeln, CH
2003 Town Gallery in the Parc, Viersen, DE
2005 Kunsthalle ARTEFIZ, Zurich, CH
2007/8 Magic cuts, the art of paper cuts from China and Europe, Museum Burg Zug, Zug, CH
2009 Exhibition at Perückenregal Projektraum M54, Basel, CH
2011 Regionale Fabrikculture, Hegenheim, FR
2012 Antiquariat Dr. Jörn Günther, Basel, CH